I remember the sultry breeze being unbearable as I approached the Mayan ruins corralled by its deteriorating rock wall. The heat of the day forcibly pushed me through its fortification portal. Without warning I became spellbound by the sky Gods carved for the protection of these ancient edifices. This eleventh century site exposing its eternal view of the Caribbean, began telling me its story through timeworn glyphs. My hypnotic gazing at this fortress by the sea made me aware of what seemed to be a rupture in time.

     A Rendezvous with the Mayan Gods

that Gave Rise to My Art Career

     I was sensitive to the air coming to an absolute standstill on my skin. When out of the silence came the screeching of seagulls, however, there wasn't a single bird within my vision. I'm still not sure what I heard, for all I knew it could have been the cries of human sacrifices from the past. I thought I could smell the stench of burning flesh or maybe it was just the musty odor of wet moss trapped within the alkaline crevices. These mystifying structures and  the  season's  elements 

brought an awakening that permitted me to fathom their ancient history. It was as though I witnessed their birth and mourned their death all in the same moment. 

    Fatigued by the ascending of stairs, deja vu incarcerated my mind. I sensed an inherent awareness that my eternal soul had carved each sanctuary. My hands craved to be one with the stone while my eyes embraced these ageless wonders. The Mayan Gods then filled my heart with a passion for their grace and beauty. 

   As the sun declined behind a forsaken deity my perception incarnated once again, but this time into a world of reality. Returning home haunted by the memories of my mystical encounter and my daughter's persuasion, I was compelled to sculpt and my life began unfolding as an artist.